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Timeline of Space Exploration

2021 April 19

NASA, United States


First test of powered flight on another planet

2020 May 30

SpaceX, United States

SpaceX Demo-2

First orbital human spaceflight launched by a private company

2019 April 10

NASA, United States

Event Horizon Telescope

First direct photograph of a black hole and its vicinity

2019 January 3

CNSA, China

Chang'e 4

First soft landing on the far side of the Moon; also first germination of seeds on another celestial body

2019 January 1

NASA, United States

New Horizons

First contact binary explored by spacecraft (486958 Arrokoth)

2018 September 21

JAXA, Japan


First operational rover on asteroid (162173 Ryugu)

2017 October 19

Haleakalā Observatory, United States


First known interstellar object detected passing through the Solar System

2015 December 21

SpaceX, United States

Falcon 9 first-stage landing tests

First propulsive landing of an orbital rocket

2015 November 23

Blue Origin, United States

New Shepard 2

First propulsive landing of a rocket after sending something into space (suborbital)