Cloak & Dagger (2018-)

Two teenagers from very different backgrounds find themselves burdened and awakened to newly acquired superpowers while falling in love.


Science fiction
Superhero fiction
Teen drama

Based on

Cloak and Dagger
by Bill Mantlo
Ed Hannigan

Created by

Joe Pokaski


Olivia Holt
Aubrey Joseph
Gloria Reuben
Andrea Roth
J. D. Evermore
Miles Mussenden
Carl Lundstedt
Emma Lahana
Jaime Zevallos

Season 1

1 "First Light"
2 "Suicide Sprints"
3 "Stained Glass"
4 "Call/Response"
5 "Princeton Offense"
6 "Funhouse Mirrors"
7 "Lotus Eaters"
8 "Ghost Stories" 

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