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Film Studios

A film studio (also known as movie studio or simply studio) is a major entertainment company or motion picture company that has its own privately owned studio facility or facilities that are used to make films, which is handled by the production company. The majority of firms in the entertainment industry have never owned their own studios, but have rented space from other companies.

1492 Pictures

1492 Pictures is an American film production company founded by director Chris Columbus in 1995. The name is a play on Columbus' more famous namesake, Christopher Columbus, and his 1492 landing in the Americas.

21st Century Fox

Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. (stylized as 21st Century Fox) is an American multinational mass media corporation that is based in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. It is one of two companies formed from the 2013 spin-off of the publishing assets of News Corporation, as founded by Rupert Murdoch in 1979.

20th Century Fox

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (commonly referred to as Twentieth Century Fox or simply Fox; stylized as 20th Century Fox) is an American film studio currently owned by 21st Century Fox. One of the "Big Six" major American film studios, it was formed from the merger of the Fox Film Corporation and Twentieth Century Pictures in 1935, and is located in the Century City area of Los Angeles.

3D Entertainment

3D Entertainment Film Holdings is a producer and distributor of 3D films for IMAX and digital 3D theatrical exhibition through its divisions 3D Entertainment Films, which produces films, and 3D Entertainment Distribution, which handles theatrical sales and marketing.

Amblin Entertainment

Amblin Entertainment is an American film and television production company founded by director and producer Steven Spielberg, and film producers Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall in 1981. The company's headquarters are located on the backlot of Universal Studios in Universal City, California.

Atlas Entertainment

Atlas Entertainment is an American film financing and production company, started by Charles Roven and Dawn Steel in 1995.

Anchor Bay Entertainment

Anchor Bay Entertainment (formerly Video Treasures), (also known as Anchor Bay Films) was an American home entertainment and production company. It was a subsidiary of Lionsgate through Starz Inc. Anchor Bay marketed and sold feature films, series, television specials and short films to consumers worldwide. In 2004, Anchor Bay agreed to have its movies distributed by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and renewed their deal in 2011.

Artisan Entertainment

Artisan Entertainment (formerly known as U.S.A. Home Video, International Video Entertainment (IVE) and LIVE Entertainment) was an American film studio and home video company. It was considered one of the largest mini-major film studios until it was purchased by later mini-major film studio Lions Gate Entertainment in 2003.

Blue Sky Studios

Blue Sky Studios is an American computer animation film studio based in Greenwich, Connecticut that has been owned by 20th Century Fox since 1997. The studio was founded in 1987 by Chris Wedge, Michael Ferraro, Carl Ludwig, Alison Brown, David Brown, and Eugene Troubetzkoy after the company they worked in, MAGI, one of the visual effects studios behind Tron (1982), shut down.

BBC Films

BBC Films is the feature film-making arm of the BBC. It was founded on 18 June 1990, and has produced or co-produced some of the most successful British films of recent years, including Truly, Madly, Deeply, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, Quartet, Chef, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Saving Mr. Banks, My Week with Marilyn, Jane Eyre, In the Loop, An Education, StreetDance 3D, Fish Tank, Nativity!, Iris, Notes on a Scandal, Man Up, Billy Elliot and Brooklyn.

Bigfoot Entertainment

Bigfoot Entertainment is the American parent company of Bigfoot Films, Bigfoot Productions, Bigfoot Production Services, Bigfoot Partners, the International Academy of Film and Television, New Cebu Films and Fashion One Network.

Bleecker Street

Bleecker Street is an American film distribution company based in New York City. The company was named after Andrew Karpen's prior company, Focus Features' street address, 65 Bleecker Street.

CBS Films

CBS Films is an American film production and distribution company founded in 2007 as a subsidiary of CBS Corporation[3] and is considered a mini-major studio.

Columbia Pictures

Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. (commonly known as Columbia Pictures and Columbia, formerly CBC Film Sales Corporation, and stylized as COLUMBIA) is an American film studio, production company and film distributor that is a member of the Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group, a division of Sony Entertainment's Sony Pictures subsidiary of the Japanese multinational conglomerate Sony Corporation.

Castle Rock Entertainment

Castle Rock Entertainment is an American film and television production company founded in 1988 by Martin Shafer, director Rob Reiner, Andrew Scheinman, Glenn Padnick and Alan Horn. It is a subsidiary of Warner Bros.

Crystal Sky Pictures

Crystal Sky Pictures is an independent American film production company that develops its own films for production, acquiring the rights to popular video games, comic books, graphic novels, toys, and other brands and supplying the funding for rights, script development, and production. Crystal Sky is owned by Producer Steven Paul.


DreamWorks Pictures (also known as DreamWorks SKG or DreamWorks Studios, commonly referred to as DreamWorks) is an American film production label of Amblin Partners. It was founded in 1994 as a film studio by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen (together, SKG), of which they owned 72%. The studio was formerly distributing its own and third-party films by itself.

Dimension Films

Dimension Films is an American film production company and independent film distribution label formerly owned by The Walt Disney Studios and The Weinstein Company and now owned by Lantern Capital. It was formerly used as Bob and Harvey Weinstein's label within Miramax Films, to produce and release independent films and genre titles, specifically horror and science fiction films.

DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks Animation LLC (more commonly known as DreamWorks Animation and DreamWorks Animation SKG or simply DreamWorks) is an American animation studio that is a subsidiary of Universal Pictures, a division of Comcast through its wholly owned subsidiary NBCUniversal. It is based in Glendale, California and produces animated feature films, television programs and online virtual games.

Disneytoon Studios

Disneytoon Studios, originally Disney MovieToons and was also Disney Video Premieres, was an American animation studio which created direct-to-video and occasional theatrical animated feature films. The studio was a division of Walt Disney Animation Studios, with both being part of The Walt Disney Studios itself a division of The Walt Disney Company.

Elstree Studios

Elstree Studios is a generic term which can refer to several current and defunct British film studios and television studios based in or around the towns of Borehamwood and Elstree in Hertfordshire. Studios have been located here since film production began in the area during 1914.

Entertainment One

Entertainment One (also simply known as eOne, stylized as entertainment One) is a publicly traded Canadian multinational record label and entertainment distribution company.[10] Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the company is primarily involved in the acquisition, distribution, and production of music, as well as the distribution of other entertainment content, such as films and television series.


EuropaCorp is a French motion picture company headquartered in Saint-Denis, a northern suburb of Paris, and one of a few full service independent studios that both produces and distributes feature films, as well as the one of the major companies in Europe. It specializes in production, distribution, home entertainment, VOD, sales, partnerships and licenses, recording, publishing and exhibition.

Eros International

Eros International Media Ltd is an Indian motion picture production and distribution company, based in Mumbai. Founded by Arjan Lulla in 1977, it is considered one of the leading production and distribution companies in India. Currently, his sons Mr. Kishore Lulla and Mr. Sunil Lulla are managing the company.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Fox Searchlight Pictures is an American film production company within the Fox Entertainment Group, a sister company of the larger Fox studio 20th Century Fox, all owned by Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox. It specializes in North American distribution of independent and British films alongside dramedy and horror films as well as art-house and foreign films and is sometimes also involved in the financing of these films.

Fox Star Studios

Fox Star Studios is a motion picture production and distribution company from India. It is a joint venture between U.S.-based 20th Century Fox, one of the world’s largest film producers and distributors, and STAR, India’s media and entertainment company, both owned by Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox.

Five & Two Pictures

Five & Two Pictures is an independent Christian film production company founded in 2002 by Dave Christiano and Rich Christiano. They have produced several Christian feature films; Time Changer, Unidentified, Me & You, Us, Forever, The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry and A Matter of Faith.

Freestyle Releasing

Freestyle Releasing is a for-hire independent film distributor founded in 2004, specializing in releasing films theatrically. Unlike most distributors, Freestyle Releasing does not put up any prints and advertising money for its releases.

Global Road Entertainment

Global Road Entertainment (formerly Open Road Films) is an American film production and distribution company based in Los Angeles, California. It was launched in March 2011 by the two largest American theatrical exhibitors, AMC Theatres and Regal Entertainment Group, who both owned the company as a joint venture between them until it was acquired by Tang Media Partners, a media company owned by Donald Tang, in August 2017.

Grassroots Films

Grassroots Films of Brooklyn, New York is an independent film studio which develops, produces, and distributes films.

Gener8Xion Entertainment

Gener8Xion Entertainment, Inc. is a Christian independent film production company based in Hollywood, California founded by Matt and Laurie Crouch. It produced One Night with the King, starring Peter O'Toole and Omar Sharif.

Globo Filmes

Globo Filmes is a Brazilian company of movie productions owned by Grupo Globo.

Hemdale Film Corporation

Hemdale Film Corporation, known as Hemdale Communications after 1993, was an independent British-American film production company and distributor founded in London in 1967 as the Hemdale Company. The company was founded by actor David Hemmings and John Daly, naming the company from a combination of their surnames.[2] Hemmings left the company in 1971, and Daly purchased his stock.

Hollywood Pictures

Hollywood Pictures was an American film production label of The Walt Disney Studios, a division of The Walt Disney Company. Similar to Disney's Touchstone Pictures and former Miramax and Dimension film labels, it produced films for a more mature adult audience with darker themes than Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar, Disneynature and Miramax Family. The label's metonym was the Sphinx.

Hengdian World Studios

Hengdian World Studios (Chinese: 横店影视城) is a film studio located in Hengdian, a Chinese town in the city of Dongyang, Jinhua, Zhejiang Province. It is the largest film studio in the world. The movie studio is operated by the privately owned Hengdian Group founded by Xu Wenrong. Sometimes called "Chinawood", Xu turned acres of farmland in central Zhejiang into one of the largest movie studios in Asia.

Hasbro Studios

Hasbro Studios is an American production and distribution company located in Burbank, California. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hasbro. This company is best known for shows and films such as the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic TV series and My Little Pony: Equestria Girls film series.

IM Global

IM Global was an independent film studio founded by Stuart Ford in April 2007 and operating in international film, television and music production, as well as sales and international distribution. The company financed or produced over 30 Hollywood feature films and controlled a library of over 300 films.

ITC Entertainment

The Incorporated Television Company (ITC), or ITC Entertainment as it was referred to in the United States, was a British company involved in production and distribution of television programmes.


Illumination Entertainment, or simply Illumination, is an American film and animation studio, founded by Chris Meledandri in 2007. It is owned by Meledandri and Universal Pictures, a division of NBCUniversal, which is itself a division of Comcast. Meledandri produces the movies while Universal finances and distributes all the films. The studio is best known for the Despicable Me franchise, and has also produced the films The Secret Life of Pets and Sing.

Imagine Entertainment

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Jerry Bruckheimer Films 

Jerry Bruckheimer Films has produced an unprecedented string of worldwide smashes, impacting not only the industry, but mass culture as well.

Jim Henson Pictures

Jim Henson Pictures is an American film studio, owned by The Jim Henson Company and operated by Brian and Lisa Henson. It was founded on July 21, 1995, as a joint venture between Jim Henson Productions and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Jaaz Multimedia

JAAZ Multimedia is a film production and distribution house in Bangladesh.

Jadran Film

Jadran Film is a film production studio and distribution company founded in 1946 in Zagreb, Croatia. In the period between the early 1960s and late 1980s Jadran Film was one of the biggest and most notable film studios in Central Europe, with some 145 international and around 120 Yugoslav productions filmed at the studio during those three decades, including two Oscar-winning films and Orson Welles' 1962 screen adaptation of Franz Kafka's novel The Trial. The word Jadran refers to the Adriatic Sea in Croatian.

KDK Factory

KDK Factory is an international film production and multimedia distribution company based in California. It began by producing short films and then moved to feature-length documentary productions of which 16 Days in Afghanistan is the most known and Mohsen Makhmalbaf's The Gardener.

Keystone Studios

Keystone Studios was an early film studio founded in Edendale, California (which is now a part of Echo Park) on July 4, 1912 as the Keystone Pictures Studio by Mack Sennett with backing from actor-writer Adam Kessel (1866-1946) and Charles O. Baumann (1874-1931), owners of the New York Motion Picture Company (founded 1909).

Kalem Company

The Kalem Company was an early American film studio founded in New York City in 1907. It was one of the first companies to make films abroad, and to set up winter production facilities, first in Florida, and then in California. Kalem was sold to Vitagraph Studios in 1917.

The Kennedy/Marshall Company

The Kennedy/Marshall Company (KM) is an American film-production company, based in Santa Monica, California, founded in 1992 by spouses Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall.

Lantern Entertainment

Lantern Entertainment is an American independent film studio, originally founded in New York City by Bob and Harvey Weinstein in 2005 as The Weinstein Company. TWC was one of the largest mini-major film studios in North America prior to its financial troubles and eventual bankruptcy, in February 2018. Founder and chief executive Bob Weinstein previously owned a small stake in the company.

Legendary Entertainment

Legendary Entertainment (also known as Legendary Pictures Productions, LLC or simply Legendary) is an American media company based in Burbank, California. The company was founded by Thomas Tull in 2000 and in 2005 and concluded an agreement to co-produce and co-finance films with Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures.


Lions Gate Entertainment Corp., doing business as Lionsgate, is an American, Canadian-domiciled entertainment company. It was formed on July 10, 1997, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and is currently headquartered in Santa Monica, California.


Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC is an American film and television production company based in the Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco, California. The studio is best known for creating and producing the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, as well as its leadership in developing special effects, sound and computer animation for film.

Mandalay Entertainment

Mandalay Entertainment Group is an American entertainment company founded in 1995 by Peter Guber, with interests in motion pictures, television, sports entertainment and new media. The company has around 40 employees.


Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (initialized as MGM) is an American media company, involved primarily in the production and distribution of feature films and television programs. One of the world's oldest film studios, MGM's headquarters are located at 245 North Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, California.


Miramax (also known as Miramax Films) is an American entertainment company known for producing and distributing films and television shows. It is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios, LLC (originally known as Marvel Films from 1993 to 1996) is an American motion picture studio based at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California and is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios, itself a wholly owned division of The Walt Disney Company, with film producer Kevin Feige serving as president.

National Film Board of Canada

The National Film Board of Canada (or simply National Film Board or NFB) (French: Office national du film du Canada, or ONF) is Canada's public film and digital media producer and distributor. An agency of the Government of Canada, the NFB produces and distributes documentary films, animation, web documentaries, and alternative dramas.

Nestor Film Company

The Nestor Film Company, originally known as the Nestor Motion Picture Company, was an American motion picture production company. It was founded in 1909 as the West Coast production unit of the Centaur Film Company located in Bayonne, New Jersey.

New Line Cinema

New Line Cinema is an American film production studio of Warner Bros. It was founded in 1967 by Robert Shaye as an independent film distribution company, later becoming a film studio. It was acquired by Turner Broadcasting System in 1994; Turner later merged with Time Warner (now WarnerMedia) in 1996, and New Line was merged with Warner Bros. Pictures in 2008.

New World Pictures

New World Pictures (also known as New World Communications Group, Inc. and New World Entertainment) was an American independent production, distribution and (in its final years as an autonomous entity) multimedia company.

Open Road Films

Open Road's titles are distributed in the home entertainment market by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (UPHE), a deal that was signed in June 2011. In June 2011, a few months after it started operations, Open Road Films signed a pay-TV deal with Netflix, which expired in 2016.

Overture Films

Overture Films is an American film production and distribution company and a former subsidiary of Starz, LLC (a former subsidiary of Liberty Media). It was launched in November 2006 by Chris McGurk and Danny Rosett.

Orion Pictures

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Orange Sky Golden Harvest

Orange Sky Golden Harvest (OSGH) (Chinese: 橙天嘉禾娛樂集團有限公司) SEHK: 1132, previously known as Golden Harvest (Chinese: 嘉禾娛樂事業集團有限公司) from 1970 to 2009, is a film production, distribution, and exhibition company based in Hong Kong.

Pantelion Films

Pantelion Films is an American film production company that was created in 2010 and based in Santa Monica, California. The studio's goal is to bring wider theatrical distribution of movies aimed at Latino audiences. It is backed by Televisa and Lionsgate.

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures Corporation (also known simply as Paramount) is an American film studio based in Hollywood, California, that has been a subsidiary of the American media conglomerate Viacom since 1994. Paramount is the fifth oldest surviving film studio in the world, the second oldest in the United States, and the sole member of the "Big Six" film studios still located in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Hollywood.


Pixar Animation Studios, commonly referred to as Pixar, is an American computer animation film studio based in Emeryville, California that is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios, owned by The Walt Disney Company.

Pinewood Studios

Pinewood Studios is a British film and television studio located in Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, about 4 miles (6.4 km) from Slough, 2 miles (3.2 km) from Uxbridge, and approximately 17 miles (27 km) west of central London.

Regency Enterprises

Regency Enterprises (commonly referred to as Regency onscreen and credited as Monarchy Enterprises S.á.r.l.) is an American entertainment company formed by Arnon Milchan. It was founded in 1991 as the successor to Regency International Pictures formerly known as Embassy International Pictures N.V.

Reliance Entertainment

Reliance Entertainment (formerly known as Reliance BIG Entertainment) is a division of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group handling its media and entertainment business, across content and distribution platforms.

Revolution Studios

Revolution Studios is an American motion picture and television studio headed by Chief Executive Officer Vince Totino and Chief Operating Officer Scott Hemming.

River Road Entertainment

Bill Pohlad is the President of the River Road Entertainment company, which he founded in 1987.

Sherwood Pictures

Sherwood Pictures is an American independent Christian film production company in Albany, Georgia, United States. It is unusual among production companies in that it is a ministry of a local church, Sherwood Baptist Church. The company uses mostly volunteers in their productions.

Sidney Kimmel Entertainment

Sidney Kimmel Entertainment is an American financer, film and television production company founded in 2004 by philanthropist and film producer Sidney Kimmel. Sidney Kimmel Entertainment focuses on bringing entertainment projects to audiences in association with studio distribution partners.

Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. (known simply as Sony Pictures and abbreviated as SPE) is an American entertainment company that produces, acquires and distributes filmed entertainment (theatrical motion pictures, television programs, and recorded videos) through multiple platforms.

Spyglass Entertainment

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The Montecito Picture Company

The Montecito Picture Company is a film production company co-owned by Ivan Reitman and Tom Pollock. It is located on the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City, California, United States.

TriStar Pictures

TriStar Pictures, Inc. (spelled as Tri-Star until 1991 and stylized as TRISTAR) is an American film studio that is a division of the Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group and part of Sony Pictures, which is owned by Japanese multinational conglomerate Sony Corporation.

Touchstone Pictures

Touchstone Pictures is an American film distribution label of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Touchstone typically releases films produced or distributed by Walt Disney Studios with more mature themes and darker tones that are targeted to adult audiences, than those released under the studio's main Walt Disney Pictures banner.

Troublemaker Studios

Troublemaker Studios is a film production company founded and owned by filmmaker Robert Rodriguez and producer Elizabeth Avellan. The company is based in Austin, Texas and is located at the former site of the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport.

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures (also known as Universal Studios) is an American film studio owned by Comcast through the Universal Filmed Entertainment Group division of its wholly owned subsidiary NBCUniversal. Founded in 1912 by Carl Laemmle, Mark Dintenfass, Charles O. Baumann, Adam Kessel, Pat Powers, William Swanson, David Horsley, Robert H. Cochrane, and Jules Brulatour, it is the oldest surviving film studio in the United States, the world's fifth oldest after Gaumont, Pathé, Titanus, and Nordisk Film, and the oldest member of Hollywood's "Big Six" studios in terms of the overall film market.

United Artists

United Artists (UA) was an American film and television entertainment studio. Founded in 1919 by D. W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks, the studio was premised on allowing actors to control their own interests, rather than being dependent upon commercial studios.

Unicorn Black

Unicorn Black is an animation production company founded in 2012. Unicorn Black's pioneer project is the Pakistani 3D Animated TV Series Burka Avenger.


Umedia is an international film group based in London, Brussels, Paris and Los Angeles.

Village Roadshow

Village Roadshow Limited (doing business as Village Roadshow), is an Australian mass media and entertainment company active in a diversity of fields, including cinema, theme parks, film production and distribution. The company is a publicly listed entity on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Village Roadshow Pictures

Village Roadshow Pictures is an American co-producer and co-financier of major Hollywood motion pictures, established in 1986. It has produced over 85 films since its establishment in 1986 including, as co-productions with Warner Bros., The Matrix trilogy, the Sherlock Holmes series, the Ocean’s series, and The Lego Movie.

Vishesh Films

Vishesh Films is an Indian film producing company owned by brothers, Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt. Mahesh is also a member of the advisory board of U.S. nonprofit TeachAIDS. Vishesh Films is one of the most successful Indian film production houses. The production company is named after Vishesh Bhatt, the son of Mukesh Bhatt.

Vitagraph Studios

Vitagraph Studios, also known as the Vitagraph Company of America, was a United States motion picture studio. It was founded by J. Stuart Blackton and Albert E. Smith in 1897 in Brooklyn, New York, as the American Vitagraph Company. By 1907 it was the most prolific American film production company, producing many famous silent films. It was bought by Warner Bros. in 1925.

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (formerly Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.), commonly referred to as Warner Bros. and abbreviated WB, is an American entertainment company headquartered in Burbank, California. As the part of WarnerMedia which is in turn a subsidiary of AT&T, it has films, television and video games operations.

Warner Animation Group

The Warner Animation Group (WAG) is the feature animation division of Warner Bros. Animation, established in January 2013. The studio is the successor to traditional-animation department Warner Bros. Feature Animation. Its first animated film The Lego Movie was released on February 7, 2014, and its latest release The Lego Ninjago Movie was released on September 22, 2017.

World Wide Pictures

World Wide Pictures (WWP) is a film distributor and production company established as a subsidiary of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) in 1951. It is involved in the production and distribution of evangelistic films, the production of Graham crusade films, and publicity for Graham crusades.

Walt Disney Pictures

Walt Disney Pictures, Inc. is an American film studio and a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios, owned by The Walt Disney Company. The division is the main producer of live-action feature films within the Walt Disney Studios unit, and is based at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California.

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