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Sarah Parker  



My Works


Free Fonts

Handpicked free fonts to create a beautiful design. Ranging from script, display, sans serif, serif, and more.



Hand-lettered art prints have that elaborate, illuminated style that often draws people to hand-lettering in the first place. Her eye for color and tendency towards flower-y, vintage designs leave us wondering just how she does it.


Creative Photography

Sarah’s approach to photography has always been different. Initiated as a community art project, in which its four founders organised and exhibited the world’s first mobile photography competition, Sarah collaborates directly with photographers to provide original imagery that is tailored to each brand’s individual needs.

My Awards

My Background

  • Smith College Theatre Courses 2012- Masters - specialized training in playwriting. An emphasis on collaborative work among designers, performers, directors and writers, offering a unique opportunity for playwrights to have their work nurtured and supported by others who work with it at various levels.
  • Modern Poetry Course 2014 - University of Pennsylvania - ModPo is a fast-paced introduction to modern and contemporary U.S. poetry, with an emphasis on experimental verse, from Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman to the present. 
  • Interface Lab 2015 - Carnegie Mellon University - Programming Usable Interfaces 


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